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You're my ROCKET man!

Take yourself into orbit with the Artemis 1 Rocket Craft in honor of the successful launch Wednesday at 1:47 a.m.! The kids and I've made some easy rocket crafts to make you BLAST off into space.


• Printed Template (to cut & paste) • Glue • Scissors • Colored Construction Paper • White Paint • Aluminum Foil

We are over the moon about this craft! Start by printing and cutting out the template pieces I've quickly drawn for you. Trace the rocket pieces out on your designated construction colored paper later.

You can decide how you'd like your design for the background. We used one moon and cut it in half for our project since we planned to do two at a time. You can use black construction paper as your background and add stars or white spots to show a glimpse of stars in orbit. Your Space Craft itself can be any color you'd like.

Space Crafts are one-of-a-kind machines designed by hand to make history.

Please Note: The Artemis 1 Rocket Craft requires supervision with scissors. Each part of the rocket will need to be traced and cut accordingly.

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