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Steps to Build the Ultimate Leprechaun Trap

Ready to get your Leprechaun Trap ready this year? St. Patrick’s Day can bring lots of dishes, cocktails, and crafts, plus our little ones love trying to catch the leprechaun year after year. We haven’t been successful yet, but this may be our year with the Ultimate Leprechaun Trap. We wanted to recreate a version with a ladder up to the top to make the wee little guy desiring the gold so bad that he falls in. Whoops!

The end goal is to catch the leprechaun, and we can do it with our elaborate trap that's super easy to create in just a few steps. We know Leprechauns can be pretty tricky and also very smart. They never get caught, right?! But remember the key factors of what they love - gold and anything shiny. This trap is perfect with sparkles and all sorts of gold and shiny embellishments. Now gather all your supplies, and let's begin!


• Three sheets of green construction paper

• One sheet of purple construction paper

• One sheet of yellow construction paper

• One sheet of blue construction paper for the base

• Yellow Tape (optional, we used this as a decoration, too)

• Tape or Glue for connecting your items

• Plastic coins (we had both green and gold)

• St. Patrick's Day Accessories (plastic clovers or stars)

• Color Markers

• Cotton Balls or White Pom Poms

• Paper Straws

• Pipe Cleaners (assorted colors)

• Oatmeal Container (empty)


1. Choose any base color of your choice, but be sure to use green for the hat portion since it represents St. Patrick’s hat. We’re going to cut the construction paper so it can fully cover the oatmeal bottle around the surface and secure it with glue or tape.

2. Next, cut a big circle for the base of the hat out of your green construction paper. Glue

your cut-out pieces of construction paper to the oatmeal container so that its surface is

covered. Glue the oatmeal container top down. The bottom of the oatmeal container will

need to have a hole cut for the trap portion of this project. The Leprechaun won’t even

see it coming since we will cover the hole with gold and rainbow decor as a distraction.

After finishing the green portion of your St. Patrick’s Day hat, you now want to add your

buckle. Cut a piece of black construction paper to cover the bottom of the hat. To

complete the buckle look, cut a yellow rectangle. Then, cut another rectangle in the

center of your yellow construction paper to form the style to look like a buckle on a hat.

3. Use the straws to create your ladder from the bottom of your hat to the top. Make sure

to add glitter or any shiny objects to the ladder to entice your leprechaun.

4. Now, time to decorate and style your trap hat. You can add shiny clover embellishments, star glitter stickers, gold coins, and more. To form the rainbow at the top, use cotton balls for the clouds and colored pipe cleaners. Bend your pipe cleaners to create a rainbow from one end of the cotton ball cloud to the other end.

5. Last, we will write our sign for FREE GOLD and arrows to lead the pathway to the gold coins and the hole where the Leprechaun falls. If our strategy works, he'll follow the path of gold and shiny items, up the ladder to the top of the hat, then get distracted by the rainbow and all the gold and then fall into the hole.

Written for Playground Magazine here in Orlando, Florida for March 2022 and a great craft around St. Patrick's Day for the kiddos.

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