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Make Your Own Christmas Candles!

Do you make homemade gifts for Christmas? We love to! This year, for our school teachers we decided to try out candle making. Super simple and fun. And the kids thought the molds were too cute! Check out below to see how it all turned out.

Prep Time: 1 hour Set Time: 2 hours for candle wax to cool off and to set; longer for better results Total Time: 3 hours


  • 3 medium size candles (scent of your choice)

  • 1 bread pan for oven and melting of the candles

  • 2 small ice cube trays (we chose holiday themed for the purpose of the season)

  • wax paper

  • cookie tray

  • spoon or something to pour wax into mold trays


  1. Set oven to 180 degrees. I know it seems low, but we want the wax to be melted but slowly. Place 3 candles in the bread pan to melt the wax down for their new form.

  2. Melt wax down over a process of some time to create a liquid form. It's a sure way to infuse your home of the scents of the season, too! We picked candle scents of cranberry and apple cinnamon.

3. Once the wax has melted into liquid you can spoon it into the small ice cube trays or molds. Or if you want you can pour it in slowly with a device, but be very careful because it's hot wax.

4. Once it has some time to dry and set then it will began to take shape of the mold and create a new candle. This time with no wick because the plan is for a small personal infuser for the Teacher's Gift.

5. We chose cube trays or molds that were of the holiday season with two different penguins, candy, and candy canes.

6. Lastly, we wrapped the Teacher's Gift with the infuser and a bag of multiple candles to give them variety.

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