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Eggspresso Yourself!

We’re taking Cadbury Eggs up a notch! These delicious treats are made just for you with a

delicious blend of Cadbury easter chocolate eggs and Barnie’s CropEx Tucano Espresso coffee that comes together into a concoction of rich, caramel-chocolatey goodness! We have the Aussie’s to thank for this deliciousness. They came up with the best Easter treat we could ask for - coffee in a chocolate egg. Who needs a cup when you have CHOCOLATE?

PREP TIME: 3 minutes

BREW TIME : 2 minutes

TOTAL TIME : 5 minutes


• 1 cup of Barnie’s Crop•Ex Espresso

• 1-3 Cadbury Eggs (depends if you’re sharing) :)

1. Brew a cup of Barnie’s CropEx Tucano Espresso coffee.

2. Add your espresso to the Cadbury egg and enjoy. We tried the original Cadbury

egg and the caramel version. These melt quickly, but it’s worth the messiness of the

melted chocolate. It’s a clever and tasty idea for sure. Thanks, Mate, these are


Written for Barnie's Coffee Company here in Winter Park, Florida for the March 2021 season and still holds to be a very delicious recipe and a great treat around Easter Weekend! Enjoy.

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