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Are you ready to ROCK?

It’s the BAND OF SNAILS! 🐌 🎸 Don't let the HURRICANE blues get you down, cause we're rockin' into a new season and it’s going to have you FALLING in love with MUSIC! As written for Playground Magazine, these snails are sure to have you ROCKIN' out in no time and keep the kids busy during these few days out of school. It may be a slow start, but together we got this! Create these easy DIY craft snails to get you into the groove! 🎶 WHAT WE NEED:

• Various decorating supplies (we used rainbow-colored pom poms) • Googly Eyes, or Sticker Eyes • Glue • Paint, Markers or Crayons • Embellishments (optional) • Scissors • Black Marker (to draw on the mouth) • Pipe cleaner (for the antenna)

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Start with making the body of the snail. Pick a color to paint with out of your supplies. We made ours pink as pictured, but you can choose whatever you please.

2. Fold the paper plate in half with the colored side showing. At the top left of your folder plate, cut two small holes to attach the pipe cleaner antenna. Insert the pipe cleaner into one of the holes and throughout the other then twist into place. Next we glued the eyes onto the antenna. 3. After attaching the eyes and the antenna to your snail, we want to complete its face with a cute mouth, right? We used our black marker to draw the mouth. 4. The snail body is ready, but what about its protective shell? We decided to decorate ours with rainbow pom poms. It's your choice as long as you make it a circular pattern. To do so, squeeze your glue in a circular pattern before adding your embellishments. Other options for your snail shell are to paint it, add glitter, stickers, and color with crayons. Cut the plate as needed when completed. 5. Add the snail shell to its body with glue and now you’re ready to ROCK!

PRO TIP: We tried out both big and small pom poms and we noticed the smaller ones would rock out more! Have fun! We can't wait to see what you create and SHARE with us!

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